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Greetings, and thank you for visiting my personal website and online portfolio. My name is Kieran Belfon and I build things for the web. I've always loved solving problems. Being good at science, I'm a Computer Science and Mathematics graduate and specialise in Software development, front-end and back-end design. I also have advance expertise in JavaScript, PHP, templating, various content management systems, and graphics design.

I have a passion for simple interfaces. In design I strive to balance between text and visual elements, and I love to create websites that are attractive and elegant, yet also simple, informative and accessible to all. All projects including this site are custom made - no templates. If you would like to work with me on a project, please contact me.

Words are traps for ideas. Once the idea is caught the word is no longer needed. The power of words come from the intention of the word. The word it self does not deem the power.


I cannot measure my work in pixels but I've been designing websites for a long time. Because of that, featured in my portfolio are some of my design works and projects that I have completed in the past.

My design philosophy is that websites should be a delicate balancing act between text and visual elements. I like websites that are simple, informative and accessible to all, but also attractive and elegant.

All my websites were hand-coded, with valid HTML, CSS, and a simple PHP backend. I also used other simple JavaScript library, with several plug-ins for different effects.

Following are the projects that I am involved in, am currently working on, or have recently completed:

Personal Project

I'm always thinking of new ideas, but my pragmatism holds me back.

I have a rather strong perfectionist streak. I am almost never satisfied with the things that I've done. Nevertheless, my fingers never stay still.

This section mostly consists of projects I've completed in the past, but there are some brand new undertakings as well. If you have an idea or a suggestion for my projects, please do share.

Past Projects
Other Projects

At the 'Lab' I also collect samples from all over the internet and experiment with then. I'm always looking for and is willing to learn new things. You can view some of my collection if you like.
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Bachelor of Science, Computer Science & Mathematics Midwestern State University
2005-2009 Wichita Falls, Texas
Associate Degree in Computer Science T.A. Marryshow Community College
1999-2001 Tanteen, St. George’s. Grenada
Senior Software Developer Lotek Innovations, LLC
2019-Current Minnesota Way, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774. USA
Software Developer Superfund Software Development
2013-2019 The Limes, Grand Anse, St. George’s. Grenada
Monitoring & Evaluation Officer Government of Grenada
2011-2012 Ministerial Complex, Botanical Gardens, St. George’s. Grenada
Website Administrator/Web Developer Implant Dentistry & Periodontics (Dr. T. Merrell Williams)
2011 Tampa, Florida
Website Administrator/Web Developer Caribbean Students Organization (Midwestern State University)
2007-2010 Wichita Falls, Texas
Resident Hall Student Assistant Midwestern State University
2008-2009 Wichita Falls, Texas
High School Teacher & Network Administrator Government of Grenada (Happy Hill Secondary School)
2001-2005 St. George, Grenada
Computer Technician Self employed

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Grenadian-born, I am a software engineer/developer/occasional graphic designer living & working in Saint George, Grenada.

If you wish to contact me and say hello or give me feedback you can reach me at:

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